What Does A Podiatrist Treat?

posted: Apr. 26, 2023.

A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in foot and ankle care, so whether it's recurring pain, a recent injury, or an underlying condition, Izzo Foot and Ankle has three locations in Jeannette, Irwin, and West Newton, PA, to turn to. You can learn more by reaching out directly to Dr. Louis Izzo at Izzo Foot and Ankle by calling or texting 724-523-6700.


One of the most common reasons why people visit their podiatrist is because they are dealing with pain. Whether it's chronic or a result of a recent injury, Dr. Izzo can provide a variety of treatment options to help you find relief. Pain is typically a symptom that something is wrong so don't put off seeing your doctor for too long.


With the help of Dr. Izzo, you can prevent foot certain conditions or at least lessen their negative impact. It's especially important to consider making an appointment with Izzo Foot and Ankle if you are more prone to these conditions, such as if your job involves a lot of walking, if you practice sports regularly, are overweight, or have an underlying issue like flat feet. Preventive visits with Dr. Izzo, if any of these apply to you, can help you avoid complications.


While treating diabetes directly is not what a podiatrist does, but because diabetes is responsible for a lot of foot-related complications visiting your podiatrist regularly is a must if you suffer from the disease. Diabetes makes foot problems more likely to occur, makes injuries more difficult to heal, and worse yet, because of nerve damage, if you have diabetes it can be difficult to even feel these injuries.

Izzo Foot and Ankle has three locations in Jeannette, Irwin, and West Newton, PA

Our podiatrist can help with pain relief, help you recover from injuries, treat common foot conditions, and even help you prevent them.

You can dial TEXT or DIAL (724) 523-6700 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Izzo at Izzo Foot and Ankle in Jeannette, Irwin, and West Newton, PA.